Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine


Visit this page for instructions on our new reservation process.

Yes, you can make multiple reservations.  Reserve only dates you are certain to visit.

Wearing a face covering is a requirement established by the City and County of Los Angeles for everyone who is in a public environment.  We are offering an exemption for small children.  Please read

Yes, a small bag of special feed mix is available on request for families with children. Please make sure your children observe the proper social distancing with respect to other children or adults in the area.  

No, only ADA animals are allowed.

No, ceremonies have been temporarily suspended.

We are following Los Angeles City Covid 19 directives for church assemblies.  We will resume these as soon as we are able.

There is no date yet for re-opening the retreat.

No, group tours do not fit with our current Covid safety guidelines.

For all other questions, please contact us or call 310-454-4114 during our open hours.

This day shall be the best day of my life. Today I will start with a new determination to dedicate my devotion forever at the feet of Omnipresence.