Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Testimonials from Our Guests

Our retreat was heavenly in every way….We felt cared for in body, mind and spirit, refreshed and revitalized, ready to go back into the world with a renewed outlook and determination.
S. & A. T. North Carolina

I treasure my time on retreat. I appreciate maintaining silence. The non-structured format allows ample time for long meditations without distractions.
D. F. Florida

My deep gratitude and appreciation for the wonderful stay at the Lake Shrine Retreat. I feel this is a heaven on earth, and I came back with a feeling of this being the most worthwhile trip in my life.
A. B. Norway

The Retreat was so nourishing and rejuvenating. I arrived cranky and confused. I left feeling kind and clear. The light and the peace there were so healing.
M. I. California

I can hardly express my gratitude for the peace and the joy I perceived during this retreat at Lake Shrine. I’ve been surrounded by the Master’s love and I want to thank you for granting this peaceful environment for us.
A. D. Italy

I have visited the most sacred sites in India and none has a higher vibration than Lake Shrine.
R. A. Georgia

The vibrations at Lake Shrine are truly divinely orchestrated as I have found a deeper connection with God during my hour of need…
S. S. California

swans and lake

This day shall be the best day of my life. Today I will start with a new determination to dedicate my devotion forever at the feet of Omnipresence.