Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Easter at Lake Shrine

“Bless us…O Christ, that we may realize the universal significance of thy resurrection: that our souls, reflections of Christ Consciousness, be resurrected in thine Immortal Consciousness evermore.”

                                                                        ~Paramahansa Yogananda

Easter Sunday at Lake Shrine Temple

April 21, 2019

All are welcome to Lake Shrine’s yearly Easter celebration as we honor the many miracles of Christ’s resurrection. Two services will be offered, complete with the Lake Shrine Temple Singers and prasad (appetizers and beverages) following each service. Additionally, during both services, there will be a special devotional service for children, followed by a traditional Easter Egg Hunt. Easter Sunday is the most well-attended event at the Lake, so we suggest planning your arrival carefully, keeping the following in mind: 


Bro. Satyananda listening to the choir after the Easter Service


8:00am – FIRST SERVICE (please note the first service starts one hour earlier than the usual time.) We encourage people to attend the 8:00am service as the second service may have 1,000 people in attendance. 



Easter Fellowship in the Courtyard

9:15am – Easter Fellowship in the Courtyard. An assortment of pastries, empanadas, fruit, coffee, tea, orange juice, and water will be available for all to enjoy. 

10:00am – As a courtesy to those attending the Second Service, it would be appreciated if the First Service attendees leave by 10am. This will also allow volunteers to prep the area for incoming visitors. A gong will sound at the time noted. Thank you for your cooperation. 

Easter Brunch in the Lake Shrine Courtyard

11:00am – SECOND SERVICE We respectfully request that those attending the 11:00am service arrive early, and follow the ushers’ parking instructions. Overflow parking will be available in the Waldorf lot or on Los Liones Dr., with shuttles available. 

12:15pm – Easter Fellowship in the Courtyard. 


The Lake Level will open to the general public at 12:15pm (15 minutes later than the normal opening time). This will enable parents to enjoy the concert. 

“A most beautiful transformation takes place in our consciousness as we increasingly expand our love and caring beyond the narrow boundaries of self and reach out to help others.”

~Brother Chidananda Easter 2018

Click HERE to read the full text Brother Chidananda’s Easter 2018 letter. 

Scenes from Previous Easters at Lake Shrine



When the mind becomes still, you are in the kingdom of the infinite.