Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Self-Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine

Convocation FAQ

Will a children’s room be available during the in-person events? 

Families with young children are welcome for all Convocation occasions.  For events in the Temple, families may be asked to sit in a Temple hall with video.  Children should be under the direct supervision of parents at all times. 

If I am wheelchair bound, will I be able to access all of the pilgrimage sites without assistance? (Ex: Would I be able to go from garden level at LS to the temple?

Handicap Parking & Facilities are available both at the Lake level and Temple level. Most of Lake Shrine is accessible for wheelchairs and walkers.  This includes Temple, Windmill Chapel, Museum and shops.  Access to the Houseboat has limitations.    

Will the temple be open with live-streaming of the afternoon classes for people on pilgrimage at that site at that time?

Please see the schedule for Lake Shrine.

What hours will the temple doors be open for streaming the Convocation classes, meditations, kirtans, and other events occurring outside of the pilgrimage time slot?

Please see the schedule for Lake Shrine.

Will there be a roped-off area for the out-of-town “in-person convo” attendees so they can get preferential front seating during the live events and to ensure that they do not end up in the overflow rooms?

There will be no roped off area for out-of-town attendees. Tickets are for the main temple sanctuary only and every ticketed attendee will be able to sit in the temple.  Attendees are asked to arrive early and be seated in the temple sanctuary at least 15 minutes before each event. We will not allow anyone to enter the main temple sanctuary once the event begins and everyone who comes after will be seated in the Temple hall that has a video feed of the event. 

Will the Temple be open between classes for private meditations?

Please see the schedule for Lake Shrine.

Do you have a checkroom for storing luggage and personal items?

We recommend not bringing luggage or packs when you come, but there will be a secure luggage room at the temple during scheduled events.

Will there be water/drinks available at the Temples and Pilgrimage sites?

Bottled water will be provided during Pilgrimages times.

Parking policy

Please see the schedule for Lake Shrine. Parking map is available on the Lake Shrine Convocation Events Page.

Will there be an Information Desk for questions?

Friendly staff, volunteer hosts and ushers will be present on all occasions and welcome guest questions.  They are present to provide personal assistance.

Will the Convocation schedule be available in paper format at all the temples?

The Convocation schedule for Lake Shrine is available on this webpage, will be on display throughout Lake Shrine and printed copies will be available.  

Will the Lake grounds be open to those who attend the Kriya ceremony on Friday, August 4?

Lake grounds will be closed to everyone during the Kriya ceremony.

Will I be able to access the Lake level grounds if I attend events at the temple? Do I need to make a reservation?

If you are attending events at the temple, you can access the Lake level meditation gardens without a reservation.  Our schedule and web calendar display dates and times that the Lake Shrine Meditation Gardens are open for personal pilgrimage. Please note a few exceptions when Gardens and Temple are closed due to events or preparation for Kriya initiation.   

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